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Google Local Service Ads

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Google Local Service Ads

At CAMP Digital, we aim to leverage Google Local Service Ads (LSA) as much as possible as a lead generation tool for our clients. Why? Not only do they dominate the top search results positions, but we find they provide a better-quality lead, a lower cost per lead, and they’re more cost-effective because you only pay if the consumer actually connects with your business. 

If you’re not currently utilizing this effective tool, here are some key strategies for optimizing your profile in order to improve visibility and ranking:

Optimize your Google Business Profile listing – Complete your business info like address, phone number, website, photos, etc. Include detailed services, FAQs, and attributes that highlight what makes your business unique. This provides Google with more signals to understand your business and can help surface your listing.

Use relevant keywords – Make sure to include keywords like your service area, services offered, business name, etc. in your business name, description, services, etc. This helps Google match your business to relevant searches.

Get reviews – Ask customers to leave detailed 5-star reviews on your GBP listing. More positive reviews signal to Google that customers are satisfied with your services.

Create and verify your Google Posts profile. This allows you to create posts that can appear in local service ads. Use it to showcase your work, promotions, etc.

Run local service ads – Consider running Google Local Services ads yourself to appear prominently in results. You only pay when a lead connects with your business.

Be responsive – Respond to reviews and messages promptly. Good engagement is attractive to potential customers. 

Optimize website SEO – Have a fast, mobile-friendly website with your services, contact information, and location prominently visible. This gives Google more crawlable information about your business.

Post consistently on GBP – Post updates, offers, or news regularly to appear active. An engaged business profile has a better chance of ranking higher.

Focusing on these key areas can help home service businesses get better visibility and leads from Google Local Service Ads over time.

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Stay tuned for regular blog posts with the latest LSA update information.

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