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Inflation Reduction Act is written between $100 bills and the American flag

Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act: A Digital Marketing Opportunity for Home Services 

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Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act: A Digital Marketing Opportunity for Home Services 

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) presents major opportunities for home service companies in sectors like HVAC, solar, electrical, and more. With over $370 billion allocated for energy and climate programs, there is a ton of potential to capitalize on consumer interest and needs. As a digital marketing agency for the home services industry, we wanted to provide some guidance on effectively leveraging the IRA from now through the end of 2023.

One of the biggest opportunities lies with HVAC businesses offering services like heat pump installation and insulation upgrades. With rebates and tax credits available through the IRA, consumers will be highly motivated to pursue energy efficient home improvements. HVAC companies need to make sure their online presence is primed to attract these customers.

Here are some key tips:

  • Update your website’s HVAC service pages to prominently feature heat pumps and mention IRA rebates. Create a dedicated page or blog post to provide details on qualifying equipment and available savings.
  • Optimize pages for relevant IRA-related search terms like “heat pump tax credit,” “HVAC rebates,” etc. 
  • Create social media posts and ads highlighting IRA savings on HVAC upgrades. Use attention-grabbing captions like “Get $X,XXX back on a new heat pump system!” 
  • Send email campaigns to your customer database promoting IRA offers and guiding them through equipment selection and rebate/credit applications. 
  • Update Google Business Profile posts and ads to call attention to applicable IRA rebates.
  • Build out an ad group for PPC related to HVAC Tax Credits or Heat Pumps, so you capture potential customers when they are looking for information regarding the IRA.

For solar companies, there is over $60 billion allotted for residential and commercial solar tax credits. Digital marketing efforts should focus on driving leads through customized solar consultations.   

Electrical contractors can also benefit by promoting rebates on heat pump-compatible electrical upgrades. And additional IRA programs like the High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program present options across trades.

By taking advantage of this unique, time-sensitive opportunity, home service companies can capitalize on the Inflation Reduction Act programs to attract motivated customers, increase sales, and finish the year strong.

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