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Bringing A Legacy HVAC Company into the Digital Age: New Case Study – McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning

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Bringing A Legacy HVAC Company into the Digital Age: New Case Study – McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning

For over 40 years, McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning has provided top-notch HVAC services to the Austin, TX area. As a trusted local brand, they’ve built up an impressive reputation through quality work and customer satisfaction. 

However, as times change and digital marketing becomes increasingly important, McCullough saw a need to elevate their online presence and strategies. They partnered with CAMP Digital, on a digital overhaul to bring their marketing into the modern age.

CAMP revitalized McCullough’s digital marketing across the board. The results were so outstanding that we developed a full case study detailing the strategies and success. 

Some highlights of the case study include:

  • Launching a completely new website optimized for lead generation and customer experience 
  • Optimizing the Local Service Ads strategy to go from 15 to nearly 100 leads per month
  • Reduction in Cost Per Lead from Google Ads to $61 per lead (July)
  • Consistently filling the call board and enabling targeting of specific lead types
  • Ongoing real-time website support for optimal performance

The collaboration enabled McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning to evolve their digital presence to match their impressive offline reputation. The strategies implemented have helped fuel their continued growth and success in the Austin market and beyond.

This case study provides an inside look at how legacy brands in the skilled trades can elevate their digital marketing to thrive in today’s online-driven world. 

Want insights on bringing your HVAC business up to speed digitally? Grab the full McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning case study today for a blueprint on digital marketing success.

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