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Key Updates to Know for Google Local Services Ads in Q4 2023

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Key Updates to Know for Google Local Services Ads in Q4 2023

The Local Service Ads (LSA) landscape has seen some major shake ups in recent months that are important to stay on top of. Starting with significant algorithm and layout changes in late August and October, Google has been refining this offering to optimize ad rankings and provide more opportunity across advertisers. 

Local Services Ads Ranking


  • Recently, LSA implemented an algorithm update that affects not only how the Ads are presented, but also how your ad will rank.  Their stated goal is to provide rank optimization for the overall health and diversity of the Local Services Ads ecosystem, and provide sufficient opportunity for all providers.  
  • They have stated that enabling “message and booking leads” can increase your likelihood to receive a lead, especially during nights and weekends. Please remember this when considering ranking factors.
  • The Interface has changed significantly as well.  You will now see a move towards two ads showing in a Search Engines Results page (SERP) on desktop and up to 20 in the “immersive page” (when you click to see other providers). They have also added filters to that page. 

What to know:

  • Google has updated the ad ranking article in the Local Services Ads Help Center. 
  • Learn more about how to improve your Local Services Ads performance – we highly recommend opting into Messaging and Booking from the Profile & Budget tab to help you get more leads (if available, and if your business can support it). 
  • When message leads are enabled, you can select email, text message, or both as your messaging preference for receiving message leads.
  • Reply to the SMS directly, call the number you received the SMS from to call the consumer, or click a link to respond to the consumer from your LSA dashboard.
  • You can use the same number for both OR we recommend using 2 different preferred phone numbers for where you receive your leads – one for your phone leads and one for your message leads. 

Local Services Ads Reporting


  • In an effort to be more transparent, Local Service Ads also is rolling out an update to the reports.  You can now see your Local Service Ads impressions.  This is rolling out by user and is expected to be network-wide soon.

What we know:

  • Ad impressions: The number of times a provider’s ad appeared anywhere in the search results page during a given period of time (includes Immersive page). 
  • Top Impression Rate on Search: The percentage of a provider’s impressions that were shown on Search above results (does not include Immersive page). 
  • Absolute top impression rate on Search: The percentage of a provider’s impressions that were shown as the very first ad on the results page.

Adapt Your LSA Strategy for Q4 2023

As the LSA landscape shifts, stay agile and lean into changes aimed at improving relevance and opportunity. Follow the best practices outlined here to maintain strong campaign performance this quarter!

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