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Latest Podcast Episode with Tommy Mello

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Latest Podcast Episode with Tommy Mello

On Around the CAMPfire – Recession-Proofing Your Home Service Business with Tommy Mello

In uncertain economic times, it’s more important than ever for home service businesses to focus on strategies that will help them thrive. In the latest episode of our podcast, Around the CAMPfire, insightful podcast episode, we were joined by Tommy Mello, founder of Home Service Freedom and A-1 Garage Door Service, to discuss actionable tips for recession-proofing your business.

One of Tommy’s key pieces of advice is to double down on marketing efforts when others are cutting back. “The first thing people cut is marketing because they feel loyalty to their employees,” he explains. “But I think the worst thing you can do is start cutting marketing in a down economy.”

Instead, Tommy emphasizes the importance of really understanding your marketing data and return on investment. He uses a staggering 7,000 call tracking numbers to pinpoint exactly where each lead is coming from and what it costs to acquire those leads. This level of attribution allows him to continually optimize his marketing spend.

But leads are just one part of the equation. Tommy stresses that you need to focus on maximizing what you’re getting out of each lead by improving areas like:

  • Booking rates for incoming calls through training and performance-based pay for CSRs
  • Conversion rates and average tickets by offering options instead of ultimatums  
  • Getting photos and creating great experiences to generate more 5-star reviews

“If your conversion rate, your average ticket, your booking rate is not lined up, you don’t stand a chance of winning,” says Tommy. “You’ll never be able to pay people right or have them on incentive pay.”

He also recommends getting creative with lead generation, such as partnering with companies in adjacent service industries for referrals, using influencer affiliate marketing, going to networking groups, and reaching back out to your existing customer base.

Perhaps most importantly, Tommy emphasizes developing a strong company culture and being willing to “top grade” your team as needed. “You can’t be afraid to top grade your people. If a CSR has a bad attitude, you have to make tough decisions.”

Recessions create opportunities for businesses with the right mindset. As Tommy states, “These tough times make us stronger. If your business makes it through this and you flourish, the good times are going to be back in no time.”

For more invaluable insights from one of the home service industry’s top coaches, listen to the full podcast episode. And if you’re ready to get serious about recession-proofing your business, consider reaching out to Tommy and his team at Home Service Freedom.

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