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Google Drops Continuous Scroll in Search Results: What It Means for Home Service Companies

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Google Drops Continuous Scroll in Search Results: What It Means for Home Service Companies

Google is making a significant change to its search results experience. Starting today, the continuous scroll feature, which has been a part of Google mobile search since October 2021 and desktop search since December 2022, will be phased out. Instead, users will once again see the classic pagination bar at the bottom of their search results. This shift is poised to impact how users interact with search results.

The Shift Back to Pagination

  • Continuous Scroll – A Brief History: Continuous scroll was introduced to make the search experience more seamless by automatically loading more results as users scrolled past the first page. This feature was first launched on mobile devices in October 2021 and extended to desktop searches in December 2022. However, Google has decided to revert to the traditional pagination model.
  • The New User Experience: Starting this month, desktop users will no longer experience continuous scroll. Instead, they will see the familiar “Next” button at the bottom of the search results page. Mobile search will follow suit in the coming months with a “More results” button. This change aims to improve search speed and user satisfaction by serving results that users explicitly request, rather than loading additional results automatically.
  • Why Google Made the Change: A Google spokesperson explained that the decision to remove continuous scroll is based on data indicating that automatic loading of results did not lead to significantly higher satisfaction among users. By returning to a pagination model, Google aims to provide faster and more efficient search experiences.

Implications for Home Service Companies

  • Impact on Click-Through Rates: One of the primary concerns with this change is its potential impact on click-through rates (CTR) for pages beyond the first page of search results. When continuous scroll was in place, users could effortlessly scroll through multiple results, leading to increased visibility for pages that would otherwise be on Page 2 or beyond. With the return to pagination, users will need to click “Next” to see additional results, which may reduce the likelihood of them seeing and clicking on these pages.
  • Search Console Data Changes: This change is likely to impact your Google Search Console data. You may observe variations in how users interact with your site, including changes in impressions, clicks, and CTR. It’s important to monitor these metrics closely to understand how the transition affects your search performance and adjust your strategies as needed.

Strategies to Adapt

  • Focus on Page 1 Optimization: With the shift back to pagination, securing a spot on the first page of search results becomes even more critical. Invest in SEO strategies that enhance your visibility on Page 1, such as targeting high-potential keywords, improving site speed, and creating high-quality, relevant content that addresses your audience’s needs.
  • Enhance Your Local SEO: For home service companies, local SEO is a powerful tool. Ensure your Google Business Profile is optimized, complete with accurate information, customer reviews, and regular updates. This can help you appear in local search results, which are often displayed prominently on the first page.
  • Utilize Paid Advertising: Consider complementing your organic search efforts with paid advertising campaigns. Google Ads can help you maintain visibility and drive traffic to your site, especially for competitive keywords. Data-driven campaigns with compelling ad creatives and clear calls-to-action can enhance engagement and conversions.


The removal of continuous scroll in Google search results marks a return to the classic pagination model, impacting how users interact with search results. For home service companies, this change underscores the importance of optimizing for Page 1 visibility and leveraging local SEO and paid advertising strategies. By staying informed and adapting your digital marketing efforts, you can continue to drive growth and success in this evolving search landscape.

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