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This is an update to my past 5-star review.
My first review happened when phones were ringing, and customers were saying yes to everything. Boy have times changed. We are now in a completely different market, and every call, no matter what it is counts.

Our team has had to adjust and slow down. We have trained so much and are seeing the fruits of our labor. However, this can only be done by having a good digital marketing company on your side, facing the fire with you.

Our team has meetings on a consistent basis with our Camp Digital partners, including Matt, Ade, and Kellie. They know us, they feel joy when we win, and do all they can do to set us up for success. This personal connection has made our partnership with Camp Digital [more meaningful and effective].
It has been difficult to reach the goal every month for 2024, and when we need to rely on them for calls, they have come through. It may not be the quantity we had before, but they have been quality. We are doing so much more with less.

Thank you, Camp Digital, for all your support and for going through the fire with us. As a veteran in the home service industry, I can tell you that our success is greatly influenced by the people who support us and the training of our team.