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Are You the Perfect Fit for Base CAMP?


At CAMP Digital, we’ve crafted a unique digital marketing package tailored specifically for home service companies like yours. If you’re a single-vertical home service company with gross revenue sales between $1M to $4M, and a team of under 8 techs, then Base CAMP is designed with you in mind.

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Why Base CAMP?

Want to roll out a special discount or a limited-time offer? With Base CAMP, you can add value adds, discounts, and call-to-actions in real-time, ensuring you attract new customers when it matters most.

We understand that a busy team is a profitable team. Base CAMP is geared towards driving conversions, ensuring your techs always have work on their hands.

Forget the fluff. We know you’re not interested in adding endless content to your site. Base CAMP focuses on what truly matters – a website that converts and works efficiently.

With Base CAMP, you get a straightforward, effective digital solution without the complications. It’s all about getting results with minimal fuss.

Package Highlights

If you’re looking for a digital marketing solution that’s straightforward, effective, and tailored to your specific needs, Base CAMP is the answer. Let’s keep your techs busy, drive those conversions, and skyrocket your profits. Dive into the Base CAMP experience with CAMP Digital today and watch your business reach new heights!

Ready to embark on the Base CAMP journey? Reach out to CAMP Digital and let’s get started!

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