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Digital Marketing Grounded In Plumbing Expertise

Plumbing Digital Marketing

At CAMP Digital, our team has comprehensive experience providing plumbing digital marketing services. While we are digital marketing specialists, we have intimate knowledge of the plumbing space from years of developing highly-targeted campaigns for plumbing clients.

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This Unparalleled Expertise in Plumbing Digital Marketing Allows Us To:

When you partner with CAMP Digital, you work with true plumbing marketing insiders. Let us focus on digital strategies – you handle the plumbing.

At CAMP Digital, We Create Customized Digital Marketing Plans for Plumbing Companies That Leverage the Following:

  • Proprietary Capacity Pro Dashboard fill up your 3-call board by generating the leads you need to keep your techs busy and your call board full.
  • Plumbing-Focused PPC (Google and Bing) campaigns targeted towards the most desirable local keywords and customer search terms. Our PPC campaigns are based on your daily capacity needs; wherever your call board is lacking, we will run targeted ads to fill the gaps.
  • Managing Google Local Service Ads to stand out in search results on both mobile and desktop.
  • Custom landing pages that speak directly to local customers’ needs increasing your overall conversion rate and lowering your overall cost-per-lead.
  • Website copy showcasing your plumbing specialties and expertise
  • Local SEO strategies optimized around searches indicating intent
  • Social media advertising to build awareness among homeowners
  • Promotions strategically targeted to different service zones
  • Leveraging advanced platforms like Performance Max and Display
  • Helping maximize your co-op dollars through digital channels

With our plumbing digital marketing services expertise, we help plumbing companies capture customers searching for their services locally. Our integrated, data-driven strategies deliver actual results.

Partner with CAMP Digital to fuel customer acquisition through optimized digital marketing tailored for plumbing contractors.

Start Your Unique Digital Journey

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur seeking a powerful online presence, or an established business looking to amplify your reach, we have the perfect solution for you! Check out our comprehensive packages and embark on a transformative digital journey with CAMP Digital. Your success is our priority.
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